My extensive study of both Western and Eastern rhythmic approaches results in a unique perspective relative to understanding the source structural elements which function as the building blocks of the rhythmic structure of musical stylistic genres and traditions. This perspective and the methodologies built on its basis have been integrated holistically in my approach to the drum set, and musical phrasing altogether. 

Relative to my Western education I started with private lessons at age 15, attended some jazz courses with Jamey Abbersol in the late 70’s, before starting a love affair with Eastern traditions taking up tabla in 1982. In 2004, I completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Music Performance from Southern Cross University, then traveled the world for four years studying Kanjira, Mridagam and Konnokol with Subash Chandran and Ganesh Kumar who are recognised South Indian drumming masters from Chennai India. In 2016, I returned to Chennai to undertake further studies with Subash and Ganesh while completing my Master’s degree from BHI in Melbourne.


Due to my extensive study and experience in teaching over the last twenty five years both in music schools and privately, I have developed teaching products for the drum set and created rhythmic workshops for all musicians; synthesizing East and Western modalities. It is my intention to publish these products as a series of rhythmically oriented tutorial books called “Know your Subdivisions” for both beginners and intermediate music students, applicable to percussionist, instrumentalist and vocalists. I am a passionate educator and feel greatly enlivened in passing on, not only knowledge about, but a true passion for music itself. 


In the eighties I played in many experimental, original and cover bands in Sydney, receiving international attention through a band called ‘Slow Metro”. I then became the resident drummer with John Charter Productions involved with musical theater productions till the mid nineties, when I moved to Melbourne and played the corporate circuit. In the late 90's resettling on the North Coast of NSW, while undertaking a BA in Contemporary Music at Southern Cross University, I freelanced playing all the major venues with artists like Lisa Hunt, The Rockgodz,  Fatter then Nusrat, Jalapeno and many others.

From 2005 I traveled the world extensively including: Fiji, USA, India and Europe.I did extensive work as a musician, promoter and consultant for Florida based company “Facing East Productions". I also worked as an events coordinator and percussionist for Naitauba Island Retreat Sanctuary in Fiji.

Whilst there, I performed playing tabla at many Indian concerts in druphad and bhajan style accompanying singers and instrumentalists. After returning to Australia, in 2011, I was chosen as one of the six Australasian finalist in the Roland VDrums competition which was held in Sydney.

Between 2017 and late 2019, I toured in the US, Europe and in Fiji playing my Roland Handsonic HPD-20 percussion pad in an original world music collaboration named "Naada Om".

I treat each performance as an opportunity to excel; to make my fellow musicians feel relaxed and inspired, and for the audience to have a great and memorable time. I am truly grateful every time I perform because I am doing what I love, and I give all my heart and professional musical experience to every show.

Studio & Sessions

Throughout the years of my professional musical life I have been involved in recording, both as a home studio owner and doing sessions as a drummer for various projects. As part of my degree at Southern Cross University I studied audio engineering and tracked and mixed a rock album there that I also co-wrote.