New Tama Acoustic Kit

Well after a twelve year exploration into the digital world of electronic drums and percussion largely fuelled by necessity of available resources, I am heading back into the universe of acoustic drums. Don't get me wrong I am not abandoning electronic drums, in fact I recently purchased another SDX for my Superior Drummer 3 library. However, the resources are now available to me such that I can add this acoustic instrument as another voice in my studio.

It is true that for a few years now I have yearned to play an acoustic instrument again, and my overall circumstance is such now that I am able to do so. This will be a huge boon to my current in the box studio, powered by my Vdrums in terms of recording my drumming performances. I now have a dedicated room in my house where I will be able to play and record my acoustic kit using a Zoom L20 as the recorder. The L20 boast 16 channels with mic pres recording to an SD card, from which I will import the wave stems into my DAW.

I will have both palettes available to me now as a drummer, acoustic and electronic, and no doubt will choose which instrument to use depending on the musical context of the project I am working on.

Due to wanting a studio kit made up of a large number of voices, because of my playing style and technical approach, based on my available resources and what was available to me from a number of retailers, I have chosen to purchase this Tama Starclassic Aurora kit with predominantly Bosphorus cymbals. This kit is I would say in a mid pro range category, and I am quite happy and grateful to have an instrument of this quality available to further my musical journey and exploration.

The shells for the toms, floor toms and bass drum are a maple birch hybrid, while the three snare dums are constructed exclusively of maple. The size are as follows:

8x7, 10x7, 12x8, 12,9, 13x10 toms, 14x12 and 16x14 floor toms, 22x16 bass drum and 10x5.5, 13x7 and 14x6 snare drums. I have ordered an 18x16 floor tom which will take 3 to 6 months to be built and delivered.